Engineering, development and manufacture of Sintered Products
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AISI,S.A. describes as one of the basic functions of the organisation being able to help customers develop components from the start of projects, by contributing technical and economic improvements from the very first stages.

Sistema computarizado de diseño y desarrollo de piezas sinterizadas
Information to be decided with the customer
Definition and design
Final information Customer & AISI
  • The functional requirements of the piece
  • Specification for the assembly line
  • Objectives in terms of cost
  • Inter-action with other elements in the set
  • Geometry of the piece
  • Materials and secondary operations
  • Quality plan
  • Functional testing systems
  • Cost plan and technical improvements
  • CAD for the piece, die and approved samples
  • Quality plan
  • Functional quality test (Simulation of the piece when working or on the assembly line)
  • Support in industrial validation at the output